Information in relation to the EU

Information in relation to the EU

The SEA is in relation to the EU responsible for the coordination of reporting on the implementation of EU legislation to the European Commission (EC), concerning the issues of the environment in the SR. The obligation to process these reports results to the Slovak Republic, and other EU Member States, directly from the wording of the relevant directives, regulations and decisions of the EU. Several sectoral organizations of SR MoE and also non-sectoral organizations are involved in the processing of reports, according to professional competence. The final versions of the reports are approved by the General Director of the SR Ministry of the Environment Section that supervises respective issues and overall implementation of the given legal regulation in the Slovak Republic.

The SEA in this connection:

  • performs and regularly updates the analyses of EU legislation relating to environmental issues (hereinafter the EU legislation) in terms of reporting requirements (i.e. reporting requirements).
  • processes reports (the issue of environmental damage, accidents, IPPC, EPRTR, air, INSPIRE, etc.) or cooperates and communicates with other responsible participating organizations when processing the reports (issues of air, water, waste, noise, GMOs and other), supervises the compliance with the reporting formats as instructed by the EC, and the compliance with the deadlines for submitting the reports to the EC in accordance with the EU legislation requirements and according to the current EC guidelines.
  • ensures the reporting to the EC by official way through the Permanent Representation of the Slovak Republic at the EU, coordinates and ensures the reporting to the European Commission by electronic means via a central data repository (CDR) in EIONET.
  • ensures the archiving of reports on the implementation of EU legislation on environmental issues in the SR which the SR submitted to the EC, and archiving of documentation relevant thereto.

The SEA also provides communication and fulfilment of tasks in relation to the European Environment Agency (EEA), which is one of the European Union agencies.



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