Environmental monitoring and informatics

Environmental monitoring and informatics

Environmental informatics

Activities and operations carried out by the Sectoral centre of environmental data and information services DATACENTRUM - can be divided into the following headings, which are mutually interconnected, and in light of content and personnel they overlap.

Geographic information systems and central data repository

From ensuring the client GIS applications up to ArcSDE server functionality for the management and publishing of map data, through the management and maintenance of the central data repository (the largest and most comprehensive in the sector), the creation of spatial data itself (CorineLandCover, SEVESO, IPPC, SAR, historical maps, etc.), creation and printing of analogue maps on a large-scale server, providing license management and provision of data to persons concerned, providing training for civil servants in the field of GIS, etc.

Operation of networks, database servers

Operation and administration of the sectoral computer network ŽPNet for 5 sectoral organizations, internet connection, including the mail servers operation, telecommunication equipment and the like.
The operation of Windows servers, and UNIX / LINUX servers, server room itself, the IS security at the SEA, including physical security.
The operation and development of databases and database applications as a prerequisite for the management, creation and publication of environmental data.

Programming security

It involves the group of top IT staff, enabling the SEA to ensure the entire life cycle of IS existence by its own scientific capacity – it created and operates more than twenty environmentally oriented IS.

The National Spatial Data Infrastructure and INSPIRE

DATACENTRUM is, through PHP and the Minister´s decision on the establishment of KR and EG NSDI , commissioned to carry out the part of implementation process of the Act no. 3/2010 regarding the National infrastructure for spatial information and INSPIRE Directive; besides the obliged person status, it performs the functions towards the European Commission, towards the Coordination Council for NSDI, ensures the operation of the Expert Group for NSDI, provides technical and methodological support to obliged persons, informs the public of given issues, it applies for a mandate to implement the National geoportal.
It also includes the creation of the Catalogue of environment sector objects.

International Environmental Informatics
It reflects a number of challenges and initiatives of EC and EEA link to the international cooperation with EEA, it mainly involves Copernicus issues - formerly GMES - Global Monitoring Environmental System and SEIS Shared Environmental Information System, last year the issue of ecosystem accounting was added,

National Environmental Informatics
It includes important tasks that are relevant to the collection and publication of environmental information at the national level, or creates the conditions for support of sectoral and district organizations in the computerization of their agenda:

  • Enviroportal - the main information portal of Ministry of the Environment Sector
  • EnviroInfo - meta-information catalogue of environmental offices´ decisions and spatial data



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